Energy of the leader
Company Management

100 Bul. Oslobodjenja
21000 Novi Sad
Phone +381 21 4821 222 fax: +381 21 422 847

General Director: Bogdan Laban, M.Sc.

Deputy Company Director: Petar Zagorčić, Ph.D.

Director of Executive Function for Technical System: Nikloa Novaković, M.Sc.

Director of Executive Function for Business System: Dragan Matić, B.Sc. Ecc

Assistant Director of Executive Function for Technical System: Sreto Palalić, B.Sc. Electrical Engineering

Advisor of general Director: Milojko Pavlović

Advisor of general Director: Biljana Barošević

Advisor of general Director: Goran Nedić M.Sc.

Director of Operations Department: Pavel  Zima, B.Sc. Electrical Engineering

Director of Planning and Investments Department: Dragoljub Mučalica, M.Sc.

Director of Economic and Financial Affairs Department: Jelica Eremić Đođić, Ph.D.

Director of Electricity Trade Department: Branislav Radović, M.Sc.

Director for Corporative Affairs: Siniša Puškar, L LB

Director of Informatics and telecommunication centre: Darko Međedović, M.Sc.

Director of Public Procurement Centre: Balko Mačai Robert, B.Sc. Ecc.

Company Management brings all functions of the company together, represents company in the electric power  system and other institutions, implements development and strategic functions of the company, ensures technical-technological unity through typization, standardization, regulations and manages the company.

Company is headquartered in a business building in Novi Sad.

Number of employees on March 30, 2014 is 418